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Welcome To The Spiral Chartist

You might wonder what the term Spiral Chartist means. In short it is the methodology that I use combining the Fibonacci sequence with the proverbial golden omega to form a spiral format that addresses all the benefits of quantitative measures and technical analysis that often confuses chartable conditions with the realities of external events often smothered in reckless bias and emotional weakness. If you pay attention to my comments, specifically regarding the contract futures, " you will come to follow what I promise is one of the most remarkable and fun forms of analysis you will ever engage.
Markets don't go straight up and they don't go straight down. They in fact move in concurrent spirals, each emanating from the center and moving clockwise and counter clockwise. The beauty of the spiral theory is simple; at any given point in the spiral the markets can be going up or down with only the momentum of time drive them. Momentum, however, is a pliant but constant phenomenon. Momentum is the tailwind that is fed by low inflation, secure job markets or active consumers. But it can also be fettered by sluggish productivity, declining confidence or overly optimistic equity valuations. Get where I'm going here? Whether you believe in the earth, the stars and the moons pull on the tides, there is very little we can say of momentum except that we make of it what we will.

Rule: Being a good listener is always better than being a good speaker.

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