January 1, 2013

Trailing 12 Months

As we move into our first year end
I reach out with familiar sights
And draw upon my most reliable friend
The Id who tells me what to write

He asks is it that we find ourselves
At yet another year end feast
Some of us strapped for logics evasive dance
Others with a dearth of quiet retreats

And not to sour any prevailing dreams
This recap is meant to cure our blues
Or interspersed with year end shopping themes
To stimulate nostalgia with an aim to diffuse

Because as long as I've been in the trenches
And scaling markets with keen intervention
I know that each time I flirt with year end
It’s knowing, in a few weeks I can start over again

So using my disciplines dubbed with clever features
But relying mostly on behavioral teachers
I’ll keep presenting my findings to you every week
To inform the experience and to keep it complete

And just so we know that for all its worth
There’s little value in being too immersed
Because they’d have you think investing is a game
But its patience and vigilance that are one and the same

So among the themes behind this year-end message
Is to recap the hurdles that played with our senses
Starting with employment and the challenge finding jobs
Surrounded by good intentions form the usual mobs
Of Analysts and Researchers
Statisticians and Hacks
Some media puppets with snarky attacks
Political aims skewed by agendas
Lobbyist poachers
And affiliate offenders

Oh and let’s not forget the challenge to make sense
Of the epic changes in cultural events
But while most of the world now was inspired
The consumer economy wasn’t exactly retired

Because while digital Advertisers were getting closer
To the digital buyers of first resort
The rest of the world used the social platforms
For advertisements of a different sort

Like the Arab Spring that we thought was all good
Is still kicking the tires and looking under the hood
Wiki Leaks gained fame with one silly name
While North Korea's new leader has a winning smile
Looks just like the guy singing “Gangnam Style”
And I read the Ayatollah likes Facebook
Now what can I say?
That the tweet is “mightier than the sword” today
And maybe Petraeus should try to cash in on his wrong
It works for Taylor who just writes a song
And Bieber and Britney and Kim, what’s her name
Couldn't touch Lady Gaga for attention and fame
And better left out too much razz towards sports
I remember last year’s poetic retorts
The Olympics were nice, gymnastics the best
But can anyone argue the Jet’s are a mess?
And coming into the venerable final stretch
With no clear view of political intent
And while politicians bicker with a comedian’s shtick
Some of us have pondered pushing them off the cliff

So for those of us who think that good times are past
Good times are happening, they’re just moving too fast!

And while much that remained of the year fizzed out
Succumbing to the din that rendered its clout
The pomp of position with endless jawboning
The world didn’t end and is still standing and emoting

Now admittedly those were only some of the themes
While often presented in colorful preen
The year was paved with bumps in the roads
But none to impede a future with hope

And while most of what I write and subsequently share
Is exchanged for this poem in honor of the New Year
Because as most of you know best part of what I do
Is working (and sometime succeeding) in following through
Because building a life with the tools we were taught
Is worth finding success beneath the costs

So once again I look to end the year
With what passes for customary candor
To cover what I've learned and impart an idea
With added rhythmic banter

And while looking forward to a winning time
I thought it right to send a rhyme
And all the best that happiness and heath can bring
Is a far better outcome then hearing me sing!

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