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Our Market 2015

Comedians made it funny
Satirists made it smile
Academics loved to disrupt it
Hedge funds seduced it with style
Journalists looked for trouble
Day traders looked for rumors
Theorists saw a bubble
Brokers saw consumers
Pundits smiled to endear
Gurus smirked to dazzle
Lobbyist served up latent fear
Chartists spoke in babble
Announcers talked in strident tones
Economists weighed in in kind
Actors managed to endlessly groan
Politicians looked for fights
I looked to find where it’s best understood
I looked for opportunities under the hood
I understand where I am at my best
In the middle of this craziness I call my nest

This is the army that makes up my world
Always busy waving flags unfurled
Reminders in the age of consent
That keeping an eye out is time well spent

So thank you for being the best that you are
Showing patience with my annual song
That finishes with the best resolve
The hope inside that makes us strong

Wishing Everyone a
Happy, Healthy, Safe and Winning


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