December 31, 2021

Our Year 2021

Looking back at 2021
Dissonance was stable
But so was the fun
Markets entertained
Not much else changed
Sure, Pundits enticed
And misguidance sufficed
From pandemic uncertainty
To media acerbity
But fears dissolved
New Normal evolved
The Markets moved
Inflation disapproved
Investors came alive
A new army thrived
Pindudes took charge
Fantasies grew large
Algochums churned
Hedge funds burned
Speculators ruled
Cautiously schooled
Passing the test
From WallstreetBets!
GME rocked
AMC chopped
NVDA cruised
AMZN snoozed
AAPL ascensive
TSLA expensive
BABA defeated
SPACs retreated
Bitcoin zoomed
Regulators fumed
Politicians were moot
Journalists followed suit
Trump haunted
Biden taunted
While Congress dithered
The Senate withered
Yellen dreamed to tax
Powell preferred to relax
And Markets kept rising
Bulls rolled the dice
Bears craved respite
What could go wrong?
That’s next year’s song
So, I leave with what fit’s
That is this year’s wish

Thanks for reading and I Wish all Followers a 

Healthy, Happy, Peaceful and Winning 2022!

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