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I’m respectful of experience but more interested in actions. In a nutshell I’ve long recognized that it’s always easier to lead a disciplined person than a slacker. My disciplines have made for rich experiences not the other way around and this is at the heart of the title of this entry. The concept of experience modification, that’s what it’s called by the way, has been around for centuries although not as elegantly described. Industry has been locked into the practice which has long been its singular assault on a growing individual society. Is there logic in rejecting experience in favor of building the more company centric worker? Are our leaders so convinced in their superior perspective born of their superior position that success is theirs to command, without help? The military does it. But what of the outcome of the experience within a company where skills nurture experience. As we get older we accumulate experience, and embellish it if it lacks punch. Think about it, it used to be said that you needed a job to get the experience that the job required in the first place. Today, to get that same job you are qualified if you have no experience and less so for any experience you may be saddled with. I think the trick is to recognize that our experience isn't the sum of who we are, but of what we learned. Use it when it’s welcome and lose it when it's not. The trick is to recognize which situation you’re in, and that requires some experience.

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Not really, but I’d like to. The problem is I don’t search, or that is to say I don’t search for this blog. I do search, regularly so, with the same vigor that I flip though a newspaper. I have my pet subjects, finance, art, and sports, politics (not necessarily in that order) I never look at real estate and I rarely look at style articles. One of the reasons I don’t search for this blog is because there is a fine relationship between the price (the value of an asset) and time (the freshness of the analysis) that serve to form my views. That’s the only way I can assure that my posts are mine, grammatical blemishes and all. It also affords me the privilege of some license whereby I’m open to write about almost anything that strikes me as useful in the aim to inform. That’s one of the main reasons I choose to inhabit the space, which brings light to financial news, because it’s so reliant on nearly every other market, across all cultural and political spectrums and best of all it always…

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